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Skin Care is a Necessity not Luxury Skin care is a different kind of selflove that every person deserves. Choose from a range of our skin care creams for a healthy and glowing skin. Creams Healthy Skin Starts from Within Restore your skin from inside. Our wide range of serums heal the skin damage from roots, giving a natural glowing face.
Nourish the Hair You have Take out time for yourself. Prevention is better than cure, nourish and restore
your hair before you start to bald out.
Hair Care
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We love our customers and pursue to make shopping at LARC Store an exciting experience for you. Free shipping all over Pakistan on the order of Rs: 10,000 or above.


About Us

Our Journey from London Aesthetics Clinic to Store

Talking about skin care products nothing had been made produced specially for the Asian Skin up till now. Realizing the gravity of situation Dr. Tauquir Ahmed took the initiative of producing scientifically backed products specially formulated for Asian Skin.
A research team of qualified and experienced doctors worked on each and every product. Every product has a unique combination of natural ingredients for the best results. We have a wide range of products from skin to hair.


Our Profile

What Makes us Different from the Lot

Quality is key ingredient of LARC store. Every product at LARC store has quality ingredients imported from UK for best quality possible. All the raw material imported from UK is processed, manufactured and packaged in Pakistan.
We are not only providing services for skin care and but we are contributing in the country’s economy. Processing in the country provides employment opportunities to our locals.

You said about us

perfect shades


I have been a fan of LARC clinic and when I heard they have launched their LARC store I quickly got their DAY SERUM. I liked this it so much because it is very easy to apply. It doesn't dry up right away like other serums. It's smooth with a creamy texture giving my skin a fresh and glowing look.

Hania Shahid

perfect shades


I have used medicated face washes since high school. But none of them suited my sensitive skin perfectly. My friend recommended me LARC store’s ACNE FACE WASH and I must say it has a pleasantly distinct, masculine fragrance. It lathers richly and you can feel the moisturizing agents as you lather up and soap up. Even after rinsing off, you can feel the moisture it leaves on your skin, so you do not need to apply lotion. Leaves your skin smooth, soft and lightly scented.

M. Umar

perfect shades


My sister-in-law told me about LARC store products. I tried their NEW HAIR spray for hair regrowth. This spray gave my hair volume, without a hard scrunchy feel. My hair was so thin at that time and now I have medium thick hair; it worked like magic for me.




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